Apartment vs House - What’s best for you?

So, you are ready to jump into the market for the first time or perhaps you are looking for an investment property. What best suits you and your lifestyle?  Is it the apartment with the extra facilities within walking distance of everything or is it the house with a yard in a quiet neighbourhood?

There are a number of things to think about before you even get to that decision.

Location: Where would you like to live?

Budget: How much money do you actually have or can actually borrow? (Are you ready?)

Must haves: What are the non-negotiables for you? Great schools, close to parks, shops, public transport, big backyard…

Lifestyle: How time poor are you?  Do you have time to spend looking after the lawn/pool/maintenance?

Your personal situation: Are you single, a couple, a growing family, a downsizing family, do you have a pet?

Why are you buying: forever home, first home buyer, investment, renovator…

If you are buying as an investment: Rental income, capital growth, what tenants are looking for?

Apartment  House 
Pros Cons Pros Cons

Generally more affordable

Low maintenance

Reduced living costs (power…)


Extra facilities (pool, gym…)

Better Security 

Accessibility (all one level)

Nifty Storage / declutter (downsizing)

Possibly less space

Possibly less privacy

Require permission /approvals sought for external changes

Body Corporate fees

Accessibility (lift breaks down!)

Indoor space

Outdoor space

Ability for increased privacy

Increased Flexibility

More potential to change

No restrictions re pets

No body corp fees




Living costs

All of these ‘practical’ questions may seem to be taking the ‘romance’ out of buying but they will certainly help you to narrow down what the best fit for you may be! Next, you have to weigh up the pros and cons.  Here’s a list we started for you, there are probably many more...

Ultimately, you need to find the property that best suits your needs.  Some of these pros and cons may change if you are looking at the property purely for investment and not to live in yourself. A key factor in this process is finding the right Real Estate Agent/Agency to help you.  At Nobel Realtors we are well equipped to answer your questions, fill you in about the local area and offer advice on property management and the buying process. With professionals out there to help, buying property should be a positive experience! Give us a call.