Looking for the perfect tenant...

Every owner wants a dream tenant and every Property Manager (well certainly here at Nobel!) wants to find them one!  Someone who pays the rent on time, someone who treats the property with respect and care, and someone who doesn’t end up draining time and financial resources.

A Tenant/Property Manager relationship is a 2-way street.  Like any relationship, there has to be some give and take.  How the relationship starts often plays a huge bearing on how a Tenant perceives us, as Property Managers and how they will treat your property.

The best idea to foster a good Tenant/Property Manager relationship is to “seal the deal” early.  Set the precedent of how you expect the property to be maintained by how you present it to the Tenants from the first time they view the property.  If a property is inspected before it is clean and ready for a Tenancy, this can send a negative message that tidiness and cleanliness are not important.  It is important to us that your property is presented correctly - the garden (if there is one) is well maintained and that the house is in a condition when we show it.  This sets the tone and expectations!

The size, style of the property and the location will all determine who your ideal Tenant is.  If you are looking to attract a professional working couple – what would be important to them? Proximity to public transport and amenities, professionally presented, good internet connection in your street?  Can you ensure that these elements are available? If it is a family – are there sufficient safety features?  Would you consider a pet? 

Here at Nobel, we make a special appointment with the tenants when initially handing over the keys, which includes a welcome pack with essential information for the property, its care and ‘what to do when’ – what to do if the smoke alarm is beeping, who to call if something needs repairing etc. This is important to build a good relationship from the start.  It shows them that we care and are eager to make settling into their new home smooth and easy.  

If you have beautiful polished floorboards, can we suggest that you leave a pack of sticky felt for the Tenants to put on the feet or base of any furniture to help them prevent damaging your floors or perhaps let us know what floor cleaner solution is best so we can let them know?  Another little touch is making sure that each door has a doorstop to stop door handles from denting walls if the door is flung or blown open.

If you have a lovely garden, make sure that you leave a good, working hose for the Tenants to use so it can be easily watered and maintained.

History is the best indicator of the future when it comes to a Tenant.  As you Property Manager we will go through thorough stringent reference checks to ensure that the person you are allowing into your property has good credentials. 

And lastly, before you say no to requests for hanging pictures or having a pet, consider the difference that these things make to making a rental property feel like home and what impact this has on the length of the Tenancy. People who have pets are less likely to be flighty and change Tenancies, and if someone wants to stay – they will generally do the right thing.

Food for thought when thinking about attracting a tenant.  It really is the little things.

If you are looking for a new Property Manager - please give us a call, we would love to be able to help.