Working from home – is it really the Holy Grail?

Staying in your pjs all day and not having to face the world may seem like great perks of working from home but there is also the risk of distractions like housework, the fridge and Netflix!

Finding the balance if you work from home can be hard but there has recently been a noticeable increase in flexible working arrangements and home businesses.

According to the Small Business and Family Enterprise report, there are over 1.2 million businesses run by sole operators in Australia. They might be working flexibly, but they are still producing a huge output, with small business providing 33 per cent of GDP. Clearly, people have found ways to produce an output even if it’s just from a laptop at home.

So, what does this mean for the property market?  With more people looking for ways to run a business from home, there has been an increasing interest in usable or multiuse space.  Not everyone wants to run a home business crammed in the spare room at the back of house yet not everyone can afford the luxury of a dedicated home office with separate street access!

The market is looking for spaces that can be used for entertainment, the spare guest room AND a home office.  This may equate to looking for an extra bedroom, converting a media room or perhaps rethinking the downstairs garage/storage area. 

When advertising your property, for rent or for sale, think about what the space could mean to a potential tenant or buyer. So, declutter, remove the storage boxes, think smart compact furnishing – perhaps smaller bed and add a desk?  Create spaces that allow people to visually ‘move in’.

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