Are YOU covered?

Landlord insurance has been available in Australia for over 20 years now, so it’s surprising to see that a majority of landlords risk significant financial loss by either not having, or having inadequate insurance on their rental property – which could be one of your most valuable assets.

Risks such as loss of rent and malicious damage have increased and will likely continue to increase due to the unpreventable changes in our economy. At any point tenants may find themselves without jobs and without regular pay, tenants may not be able to fulfil their lease obligations of paying rent and may take out their frustrations on your property causing damage. Terri Scheer, one of Australia’s leading Landlord Insurance Specialist has provided some helpful insights you may want to keep in mind:

“If your tenants weren’t able to make rental payments, could you afford to pay the mortgage or manage without the rental income stream whilst another tenant is found?  If not, you may like to consider purchasing Terri Scheer Landlord Preferred Insurance which can cover some of the risks inherent in owning a rental property. When selecting or renewing your insurance policy, it’s a good idea to compare the policies available to ensure the policy best suits your needs.

We have had many experiences where Landlords thought they had cover but hadn’t taken the time to compare the policies and weren’t able to make a claim or the payout amount was small. Landlord insurance can vary between providers – do your homework!

When choosing a landlord insurance policy, it’s important that landlords understand the cover offered. This will help ensure that you don’t get caught out when making a claim!

Of course, as Australia’s Leading Landlord Insurance Specialist, Terri Scheer policies have always been specifically tailored for the unique risks associated with owning a rental property.  Terri Scheer have updated policy coverage as of the 4th December 2017 to include more comprehensive cover, and higher levels of coverage on commonly claimed covers than ever before, and all without increasing the premium payable by you, making it better value than ever to protect yourself and insure with Australia’s Leading Landlord Insurance Specialist.”

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If we can assist you in any way in regard to either the management of your property or arranging a Terri Scheer Landlord insurance policy, please feel welcome to contact me directly on 0404 479 979.


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