Water saving hints and tips

With summer in full swing so too are the ever-increasing electricity and water bills!  There are few hints and tips you can follow to try and save a little water…

  1. Don’t spray in the middle of the day! Evaporation is your enemy when it comes to sprucing your garden in summer. Only water in the early morning or late afternoon and evening, and never when it is windy.
  2. About 40% of water usage in the home happens in the bathroom! Save up to 15L per minute by simply turning off the tap while you brush your teeth.
  3. A shorter shower is another simple way to cut your consumption. Soap up, wash down and rinse off in less than 4 minutes.
  4. A running tap can waste more than 6L per minute, so don’t wait for tap water to cool down, store it in a bottle or jug in the fridge for later.
  5. Only wash your clothes when you have a full wash, or use the appropriate selection on your washing machine. As a bonus you will also save on detergent and energy
  6. Sharing is caring! Pass on these hints and tips and encourage everyone to be water smart!

Thank you to Queensland Urban Utilities- Summer 2019 ‘In the pipeline’.