Styling Your Home to Sell

Styling is an underestimated part of the sale process. It has the capacity to provide either a quick sale for a better than expected price or poor presentation could leave the property on the market for months, diminishing its value.  One of the most important things is to encourage buyers to see themselves living easily in the home. Strong industrial, sterile presentation as well as over-cluttered rooms are two styling forms to avoid. We've collated some ideas that are sure to leave buyers feeling right at home! 


One of the most important things to keep in mind is your aim - for buyers to feel warm and welcome. Over-cluttered rooms are to be avoided, as they can make the buyer feel overwhelmed and the space of the room seem smaller than it is. As a first step, try removing all furniture and items not necessary for everyday use, and de-personalise by removing family photos and mementos.  

Plants & Greenery  

Plants are a beneficial addition to any room and are a great way to brighten and add a spot of colour to any bare rooms or corners. Well-looked after plants also suggest that you, the owners, have taken good care of your home. Flowers can work well too, especially with promotional photography, although in Queensland they can wilt quite quickly so be aware of the costs of replenishing flowers each week. Plants in each room of the house help link indoor areas with the garden and outside spaces.  


Bedrooms are highly underestimated in their impact on buyers. Interesting textiles help draw buyers in and aid the emotional decision of buying a new home. This is especially important if you are selling your home during winter months, as you want your home and bedrooms to feel warm and inviting. Throws, pillows and some extra cushions can make a huge difference to a bedroom's appearance but remember – you want the potential buyer to feel comfortable. A 5-star hotel bed display may be nice on a weekend away, but in a home aiming to make buyers feel at ease it may not be as effective. 


Throughout this article, there has been one underlying message and that is to make sure potential buyers feel at ease and welcome so they could easily imagine themselves living comfortably. Deciding on the home to buy is an extremely emotional purchase so often, buyers will more readily compromise some of their requirements if they develop a strong emotional connection to the property.  

For more styling inspiration and tips, good places to start are websites such as Pinterest and Instagram. Happy Styling! 


**This information is not to be considered professional advice**